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Open Source Beehives

Colorado Top Bar

The Colorado Top bar hive is a modern adaption of the Kenyan Top Bar beehive. This design increases the hive space by adding top bars in a horizontal direction and has been designed to follow in a tradition of natural beekeeping methods.

Top bar hives also allow the bees to build “natural” or “free” comb. Other styles of hive such as the Langstroth hive typically use pre-made plastic foundations or commercially produced wax comb, whereas Top Bar hives allow the bees to build their own comb, limiting their exposure to foreign substances.

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Barcelona Warre Hive

The Warré hive design was originally developed by the French Beekeeper Abbé Émil Warré, and published in 1948 in his book ‘Beekeeping For All’. Warré named the hive the ‘Peoples Hive’ and designed it for ease of use and for amateur beekeepers.

The hive is a vertical top bar style beehive and follows a tradition of natural beekeeping methods.

Source Files (60.7k) User Manual

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